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2000 New Entrance Pavillion of the Johanneum Museum in Graz - Prostor za prekoračitev fantazme


 This project was inspired by the essay "Cyberspace as a Way of Overcoming the Phantasm" by Slavoj Žižek. The author argues that "cyberspace" could help people recognize their own phantasm and realize the possibility of overcoming it. The aim of this project is to create architecture, or rather, an "architectural enviroment" that would facilitate the process of recognizing and overcoming the phantasm. That is the design purpose of this project.

 We may argue that architecture suitable for this radical purpose would be shocking, annoying, radical, uncanny and perverted. Going even further, we may speculate that this type of architecture would terrify the visitor, incapacitating them, disturbing their daily routines, making them fell unwell, perhaps even provoke vomiting. Someone might not even survive the experience. At this point, a very important question arises: How can one create such spaces, if one possesses only phantasmal preconceptions of pleasant, ordinary and useful space?

 Instead of designing spaces, the design process in this case began by creating and manipulating computer commands, routines, geometries and images. Several unusual models and images were generated with the method of deconstruction, construction and transformation. These strange elements, completely free of any architectural procedural restrictions (compositional, functional, programmatic, dimensional...) were then applied and inserted directly into the existing space of Johanneum. The invented algorithms and procedures were strictly adhered to, regardless of the potentially monstrous results.